Volwassenen / Adults

Hi there,

Welcome to the Fabriek Fysiek adult program. Among our wide range of programs, you can participate in several physical activities such as circus lessons, acrobatics, aerials, stretching and conditioning. Programs are available for all levels from beginner to advanced. You can participate at your own level and our teachers will love to help you achieve your goals.

We start with live lessons when possible. You can sign up for a free trial lesson.

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Aerial class
Fit to Fly (conditioning training)
Stretching (flexibility training)
Circus class
Acrobatics (coming soon)
Train together while your kid is training (coming soon)

Hope to see you soon,

Yvon Holman
Aerial Silk and Fit to Fly Teacher

My name is Yvon and I work here as a circus teacher at Fabriek Fysiek. I will introduce myself briefly. I have a background in dance, but since 2017 the love for aerial silk has been added. In addition, I am involved in the range of lessons for adults where you can also meet me as an aerial acrobatics teacher.
I am currently studying at the ALO to become a qualified teacher in physical education.
Teaching is my passion, and I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm for the classes with you.

Alexandra Szebelledi
Aerial Hoop and Stretching Teacher

I am Alexandra from Hungary. I reached professional level in pole fitness and I am also experienced in aerial hoop, silk and hammock. It started as a hobby, but these sports quickly became never ending bonds. ln 2020 I was participating in a fitness trainer course to learn more about the body, muscles and the perfect workouts and stretching. 
I recommend to try aerials because its multifarious being. The lessons are varied, every time you will learn something new according to your physique, so you can improve yourself continuously, the result is granted. No previous experience needed, we will start from the basics and let the magic happen. Come, try and be an aerialist too.