Live Program

Circus class
The adult circus class is all about having fun while being active. The lessons have a broad program with different circus disciplines. To set yourself some challenges we work together on training your body, perseverance, and bring you some joy. It’s not a class for circus professionals, but for those who want to exercise at their own level in an accessible way. If you like to train together and need some little push to get moving, then this class will be perfect for you.

Aerial class
In the aerial class you can learn air acrobatics, like aerial hoop and silk. We offer you this class in different levels, so everyone can join! We are confidently recommending this form of movement to participants at either a complete beginner or advanced level, as we gradually begin to load the body to avoid injuries and build the necessary stamina. You don’t need to have circus, acrobatics or gymnastic background. We will help you to learn the basics and let you experience how much fun aerials can be. Aerials are fun to do, but also a great physical exercise for your whole body. (Recommended clothing: comfortable long sleeve top and pants, socks)
Aerial silk lessons from 22 November 2021 both in Arnhem and Nijmegen.

Stretching (flexibility training)
In this class we will improve your flexibility at your own level. Everyone can join this class. Flexibility can help you to feel less stiff in your body, and improves your skills in other lessons where flexibility is fundamental. In this class we offer you a lot of static stretch moves as well as active way of stretching. We guide you trough the movements and make sure you perform with the right technique.

Fit to Fly (conditioning training)
This is an extra class to improve your skills in aerials and work on your overall condition. We use some aerial conditioning moves in the air, as well as conditioning on the floor. This class is suitable for all levels and a fun way to improve your physical condition. 

Coming soon

Train together with your kid(s)
A new super fun acrobatic lesson for adults together with kids.