Information new season

All courses are now finished and the summer break has started. We are still busy behind the scenes, so that we can also take a break.

There are a number of changes in the new season in (the structure of) the classes, administration and the contribution for adults.

Practical information:
The classes will start again from Monday 11 September. If you don’t want to participate in the next season, let me know and I’ll make sure you’re removed from the system. Some have already gave notice, then this will be the last email you will receive.

If you have registered for the new season, you will receive a message about the final start at the beginning of September.

Administration and registration

We are switching to a new member administration system called Club-Assistent. Eventually the website will also be transferred, and have an English version, but we are still in an in-between phase. Because we are still getting used to it, it is possible that information in some places is not yet correct or complete. If you come across something, let us know, so we can adjust it.

Please follow the links, because then you will find the most up-to-date information.

You can find the new schedule here:

Here you can select the desired location and you will see all classes offered at this location.

To register, go to this page:

Or click ‘Proefles’ (try-out class) or ‘Aanmelden’ (Sign up) on the schedule.

It is necessary for everyone to register, even if you have already taken a course at Factory Fysiek.

–> If you are new, you can first follow a try-out class. Then select ‘Proeflid’ on the registration form.

–> If you have taken a (try-out)class with us before and you are sure that you want to participate in the course, select ‘Clublid’ on the registration form.

You can then select the desired group and fill in the rest of your details.


Club-assistent offers a number of options that make it easier for us and you. There is also an app that you can install to use the same options.

All members get their own login account, here you have insight into the classes you follow. You can change your own data, you can also see the holidays here.

If you are unable to come, you can log in to sign out for the class, so that the teacher is immediately aware that you are not there.

Payment adults

We notice that there is a big need for flexibility among adults. The new system makes it easier for us to offer that flexibility.

It is now possible to pay per month, a fixed contribution price, but it is also possible to pay classes per hour. At the end of the month, it will automatically calculate how many hours of classes you have followed.

From next season, you will have to pay extra if you participate with the Sportkaart. This is now set to flexible contribution, where you pay per hour of classes followed. If there is a need to have a fixed contribution price for this, please let us know, and we will also set that option.

Changes in groups

Koprol-/Zweefrolfabriek Arnhem
As you can see on the schedule, there are a number of changes to the koprol- en zweefrolfabriek. In this way we hope to connect better with the students.

The time of the classes of most groups has been changed to 1 hour instead of 1.5 hours. On Mondays there is still 1.5-hour zweefrolfabriek, which is mainly intended for children who want to practice a little harder and play a little less.

Furthermore, we have decided to split most groups, so they are no longer given in combination. If you still like to join a group with different ages, you can do so on Saturday morning.

Saltofabriek Arnhem
This is expected to be a larger group than last year. This is because some of the students from last year’s Flikflakfabriek move on to the Saltofabriek. We think that is a big plus, especially with the youngsters, together you can learn even more from each other.

To ensure that everyone gets enough attention, we work with guest teachers. During the year, different teachers will join for a number of weeks in a row and give the classes together with Robin. These teachers each have a different area of experience, so you can learn different things. For example, we have teachers who are very good at aerials, acrobatics, juggling or making acts.

The schedule for adults is expanded with a Dynamic Acrobatics course from Robin in Arnhem, where you get started with handstands, rolls and jumps.

The Multicircus classes are given in blocks in Arnhem. Different teachers will give the classes for a number of weeks in a row. This gives you, for example, a block of juggling or acrobatics. It is possible to decide per block whether you want to participate. The exact details will have to wait a while, we are busy arranging the teachers and spreading them over the year.

In Nijmegen there will be a seperate Multicircus class as well as technique classes.

The Aerial Silk classes in Arnhem are taken over by Lieneke. At the moment there are two classes on the schedule, but if there are enough registrations, we will look at the possibility of starting a new group.

If there are any questions, please let us know! ( We wish you a nice summer and hopefully we will see everyone again after the break.